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Detailed Testimonies

I will leave all my planning for events and travel to the Fabulous Nita.

- Kathy L.

Kathy L.

Feeling jazzy today as I went on a Personal Journey via the Fancy Box received from the Fabulous Lady, Nita, who offers It's in the Details to us....


I will take some time to reflect on this box from It's in the Details, this special tea date and how such close attention was paid to all the particulars we never consider when we plan events or travel. It's refreshing to know that someone is available to give careful attention, furnishing the smaller elements of finish and design, for your event or travel plans. I will leave all my planning for events and travel plans to the Fabulous Nita from It's in the Details. She will keep it Fancy and Fabulous for me. The pictures don't do this Exquisite Box justice. I had a wonderful afternoon tea with the expertise of It's in the Details and the wonderful items in this Fabulous Box provided by Nita. I appreciate her helping me to keep my special afternoon tea Fancy and Fabulous.

Fancy Kat

Tea Sips + Travel Tips Guest

... thanks to It's in the Details ...

- Shiela T-S.

Shiela T-S.

 It’s been a crazy start to 2021, I was hoping it would be mellow(er) by now, lol! Anyway, just wanted to take a couple of minutes to express my thanks to It’s In The Details for pulling together a very enjoyable year-end event for Level Four, especially with such a short window of time.  From assisting with curating our “Swag Boxes” to creating a timeline and schedule for the Zoom event and pulling together the behind-the-scenes team needed so all the participants could enjoy the event without working. Our staff really enjoyed it!


Shiela Thompson-Soles

Level Four Business Management, LLC

11812 San Vicente Blvd, 4th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90049

Level Four Management Event
Everyone had a fabulous time… 

- Sabrina S.

Sabrina S.

For anyone that is looking for help in planning your next event or vacation, look no further. A few years back I connected with Nita Cintron to help her plan a Mardi Gras themed wedding and she was amazing to work with and very well organized. She sent me photos to help coordinate ideas on colors and theme for the wedding cake. She brought these great Mardi Gras masks for everyone and had lots of fun tropical ideas. Since the wedding was taking place in Costa Rica, we had to blend a little tropical into the theme of Mardi Gras and she did that beautifully. She thought of every detail and we even planned a fun group trip into the true rain forest to see some waterfalls. Everyone had a fabulous time and I loved working with Nita and seeing her vision come to life once everyone arrived. It was a fabulous wedding vacation week. 

Sabrina Montalto Segal

Concierge + Vacation Coordinator

I can't imagine a better person to help organize
a vacation or travel adventure. . .

- David Parker

David P.

I am privileged to own a large vacation rental home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I got to know Nita Cintron when she organized a large group of friends and associates to visit Rio and participate in Carnival.  She contacted me about renting my penthouse, and from the very start I knew I was dealing with an extremely professional, organized, innovative and competent guest. To get the best out of Rio and Carnival can be daunting, but Nita had done her research and knew all the right questions to ask in order to schedule an unforgettable vacation and experience for her and her friends. I can't imagine a better person to help organize a vacation or travel adventure than Nita!

David Parker


@ David Parker Associates

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