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Kindness in Gifting

Be kind. It's something most of us heard consistently throughout childhood, but guess what? It's even more applicable throughout adulthood. And even more, it's a key ingredient to the success of a business.

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day and what exactly does that mean to a business? If I understand correctly, the word "random" is key to what the day is all about because, after all, aren't we supposed to be "purpose" kind every day?

Okay, let's just go with, February 17th aka Random Acts of Kindness Day will allow you to gift randomly. You'll have an opportunity to gift your staff, clients, vendors, partners or whoever you'd like without an explanation or motive. It's as simple as, you are a kind person, and you want to randomly gift someone on February 17, in honor of Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Now, wait a minute. It's not as simple as just handing over a gift card and saying, ‘thanks for the hard work" or offering, "lunch on me today". It's about being sincere and kind when you say it and do it. It's about building an honest and trusting relationship, within your network, which will, in turn, expand your network, resulting in business growth.

All good? If not, we look forward to helping you share the excitement we know our gift boxes bring!

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Nita I Owner + Gifting Guru

NITA TIP: One morning, pay for the person, in the drive-thru, behind you, coffee order!

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